Global leaders in passive fire protection

PFP Fire Systems is a global leader in passive fire protection services and solutions for the tunnel and commercial construction sectors.

Clients, designers and contractors the world over choose PFP companies and solutions for their technical excellence, their proactive approach to project delivery, and PFP’s unrivalled commitment to innovation and continuous product development.

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Services & solutions include…

Tunnel lining

Assured and competitive solutions for passive fire protection in tunnels, notable for performance in moisture resistance, stability, fire and thermal resistance.

Smoke & heat evacuation

PassiveTec® Ductliner is the thinnest available board tested for ventilation and smoke extraction ducts.

Commercial construction

Non-combustible and fire-resistant structural cement board, serving both the traditional build sector and modular builders.

Sealing systems

Pastes and sealants as an effective barrier to heat transmission and smoke and gas penetration.


Our projects are not trophies – they are an opportunity to demonstrate our proven track record of game-changing solutions, assured project delivery and outstanding customer care.